Ethical & Compliance Management

Ethical & Compliance Management

KCC GLASS Corporation’s highest value and roots lie in ethics and compliance.

Through ethics and compliance, we not only respond to social demands emphasizing corporate transparency and morality beyond ordinary ethical consciousness and legal compliance, but also establish standards of conduct and value judgment that enable us to implement and actualize sustainability management. As such, KCC GLASS Corporation strives to be a sustainable company creating sustainable values, based on the strong pillars of “ethics” and “compliance”.

Ethical Norms

Based on the management principles of advanced management and talent development, KCC GLASS Corporation places the highest priority on customer satisfaction, valuing mutual trust and cooperation, in striving to become a global top company of the 21st century. To this end, we pledge to establish and practice ethical norms as the standards of conduct and value judgment to be applied to all employees.

  • Basic Ethics

    Basic Ethics

  • Ethics Relating to Job Duties

    Ethics Relating to Job Duties

  • Ethics Relating to Job-related Activities

    Ethics Relating to Job-related Activities

Basic Ethics

Basic Ethics

  • Establish a correct sense of value, maintain integrity and fairness at all times, and strive to create a sound corporate culture
  • Make an effort at all times to maintain one’s individual dignity and the company’s honor based on high ethical values.
  • Establish one’s own idea of talent and work relentlessly to reach that goal through self-development.
  • Refrain from engaging in immoral, unethical conduct subject to social condemnation in personal and job-related affairs.
Ethics Relating to Job Duties

Ethics Relating to
Job Duties

  • Carry out all job duties in a fair manner based on principle, integrity and loyalty.
  • Exhibit respect in their dealings with relevant departments and colleagues, and enhance work efficiency through active cooperation and communication.
  • Comply with relevant domestic and international laws and not engage in illegal conduct in conducting their job duties.
  • Notify the company forthwith of any illegal conduct they have become aware of.
  • Respect rights to information and products developed by others.
  • Faithfully carry out all contractual obligations arising from company contracts.
  • Pay close attention to customer opinions and keep promises made to customers at all times.
  • Respond to valid customer requests in a prompt and faithful manner, and provide products and services of the highest quality.
  • Protect the company’s assets and maintain strict confidentiality of any and all information arising from business transactions and the company’s confidential information they have acquired in the course of their work.
Ethics Relating to Job-related Activities

Ethics Relating to
Job-related Activities

  • Prevent work leakage through accurate documentation and reporting of all corporate activities and actions in accordance with internal regulations.
  • Not take monetary benefit of any kind from stakeholders that may impair the fairness of judgment in relation to their job duties, or involve themselves in any gift or entertainment exceeding common sense or reasonable business practices.
  • Refrain from making any unauthorized use of corporate assets for personal gains and be compensated only for the reasonable expenses incurred in the performance of their work.
  • Be prohibited from engaging in any actions or relationships that cause conflict of interest between themselves and the company.


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